The Grimdark Advance

Humble beginnings and tragic ends.

Scene 1: Four arrived on the outskirts of Runeskea. Two humans, one appeared to be both lost in a book and lost in general, while the other simply gazed into nothingness, as if guided by that which was not there; a half-orc, who wore a large but somehow rebarbative grin on his time-worn face; and a Dragonborn, who bore a cold and focused expression which only emphasized dark lines painted by years or worry. Their names were Matumal, Scondor Lupoz, Ore, and Kalgriz Everfrost. None of them seemed too keen on talking to one another, so for a while, they kept to the themselves. After nearly an hour of silently trudging through the redwood forest in front of Runeskea, Kalgriz heard sounds coming from the forest. He warned the others of the presence of potential enemy before calling out “REVIEL YOURSELF!”, to which a robed follower of Ioun approached and warned Kalgriz that “Goodness is dying, evil will soon be the only means of survival” before attacking the group and summoning the other members of what seemed to be a mad cult of Ioun. The four, forced to group up and defend themselves found that they were surrounded by archers on all sides. Kalgriz, being attacked nonstop by the cultist, eventually fell, but not before sending a number of them close to their death. The others, having more luck than Kalgriz, were able to fend off their attackers, using Orkish might, hellish warlock rituals, and the ferocity of the primal spirits. Just as the four began to get the upper hand, an ally approached from the north. “DOES SOMEONE NEED HELP OVER HERE?” a great voice roared as a Dwarf came into view. Galrin PyriteHide, known by many as Slackjaw joined the battle and immediately joined against the cultists. With a vast knowledge of Runescribing and immeasurable strength to match it, Slackjaw tore through the cultists with ease. With all dead or unconscious, and Kalgriz slowly coming to, the party was able to patch themselves up and move on. They knew not of the grim future which lay mere hours away.

Scene 2: The party continued to Runeskea, now staying a bit closer to one another. Slackjaw took an interest to Kalgriz, and the two conversed the entire way there. It was learned that Slackjaw was indeed the brother of Darin PyriteHide(known to all as Brickjaw)king of Runeskea. It became obvious to the other party members trailing behind that Kalgriz had been summoned by the king himself to Runeskea, which was surely the reason he journeyed to Runeskea. After no more than an hour of walking, the gates of Runeskea could be seen.


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