Darin (day-rin) “Slackjaw” PyriteHide

Expert Runepriest and brother of Galrin PyriteHide, Darin is a powerful, but humble dwarf, who often helps his brother in political matters.


Darin PyriteHide, or Slackjaw as he refers to himself, is a very powerful but humble Runepriest. He is the brother of the king of Runeskea, a benefit that he rarely flaunts, instead seeking to establish a name for himself without the help of his namesake. Though he is praised by all the people of Runeskea, he doesn’t let that form a barrier between himself and the common worker. He can often be seen helping the townspeople in whatever predicament that falls their way. He claims he chose the path of being a Runepriest after Moradin asked him to carry out the will of the Dwarves, using the power of the divine runes. Indeed he even refers to himself as “Moradin’s left thumb” from time to time, which he often follows with a hearty laugh. Darin is the more easygoing of the two brothers, and will often make a joke in the middle of his brother’s political discussions. Despite that though, he is still Galrin’s right hand man and most trusted advisor.
He was last seen at the battle of Runeskea.


Darin (day-rin) “Slackjaw” PyriteHide

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