Galrin "Brickjaw" PyriteHide

King of Runeskea, Galrin is a stern but fair leader, seeking only justice and protection for his people.


Galrin, or “Brickjaw” as he is often referred to by his brother, is the king of Runeskea, and the older of the two PyriteHides. With much help from his brother Darin he watches over Runeskea. Though he may seem very stern, it is only because he wants to protect his people. Galrin is known to be a very kind and forgiving king, which is especially apparent in all the times he tried to help Garris Nakahrah, even after the half-elf’s numerous crimes against Runeskea. Galrin is a warlord, and has lead the Dwarven army of Runeskea to victory countless times. Some say Runeskea would not have fallen if he had led the Dwarf guards, yet during the battles he was nowhere to be found. Some say they saw him fleeing to his chamber, and believed he went mad when he saw his city burn. Others say he abandoned Runeskea at the first sign of trouble. In either case, he is nowhere to be found, and the respect of his people is all but completely gone.


Galrin "Brickjaw" PyriteHide

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