On a far off planet, forgotten by time,
There lived a great deal of races, all in their prime,
Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Fey,
They all lived in harmony, until one faithful day,
A ship full of humans, an advanced race,
Collided with the planet, a scenario worst-case,
Most of the crew survived, but the ship was destroyed,
They were abandoned, separated (‘cause space is a void),
They decided here, to begin life anew,
But of natives that were friendly, there were only a few,
Some said the humans needed to be killed,
Others welcomed their guests, some even were thrilled,
Between the races, there grew much tension,
Some defended the humans, some sought apprehension,
Many years later, the would has grown dark,
But five unlikely heroes seek a quest to embark,
Stories of a demon, fueled by hate,
Have made their way to almost all cities’ gate,
These five hope to restore peace to the land,
But with so much hate, the demon’s powers is truly grand,
Only together, can they defeat their foe,
But unity binds them, might as well give it a go!

The Grimdark Advance

thunderwolf Zizzlehoff Deamon532